On-Chain Open proposals

Fundraiser? Kickstart? A plantation drive or a casual birthday party? Raise money, get votes, automatically disburse funds

What happens when you create your own campaign using proposal pact

Unbreakable trust

Your participants and supporters trust the proposal more because blockchain’s code cannot be tampered with. This gives them comfort to contribute more, and participate freely

Tell your story

Easily share pact url, so others could participate through funding and voting on it. Make use of the comments section to explain and discuss further.

Reach your audience without barriers

Participants in proposal pact don’t need to sign in, removing any barrier to participation or privacy concerns. The freedom of blockchain allows anyone anywhere to make and participate in a campaign.

Here are some examples to use-cases to help you get started

Tree plantation drive

How does Proposal Pact work?


Enter the subject and description (optional) of your proposal, and you are good to go! Additionally, you can enter details of when you want voting to start, set your participants and details of who gets all funds. These details ensure complete transparency of what happens through the lifetime of the pact

Discuss and collect contribution

You can share the URL of the pact you just created on social media or among your friends. Discuss your proposal in depth in the comments section. Collect funds as your supporters pitch in.

Voting and funds transfer

Voting begins at the voting start time given during creation of the pact, if enabled. All eligible accounts (with min contribution or added as a voter during creation) can vote a YES or a NO to the proposal. Based on that all collected funds (total value of the pact) will be disbursed to the beneficiaries for YES or the ones for NO, or allowed a refund to the contributors, based on the pact’s parameters.

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