Introducing ChainPact

Your portal to



Create an immutable business agreement, or pact, on the blockchain


A fully decentralized protocol

Worrying about unfair rules and commissions is a thing of past


A smart contract code once deployed on chain is permanent. It can't be changed by anyone. Not even us. So you can rest assured.

No Limits

Create as many accounts and pacts as you want. We don’t put limits.

Crypto-native payments

No more worrying about third-party crypto payment gateways, when all the app functionality is blockchain-based

Designed for the real world deals

Proposal Pact (pre-alpha)

Start your own free crowdfunding campaign, collect money from your friends, collect votes and opinions on your cause with the proposal pact.

Gig Pact (Pre-alpha)

Got a freelance project, a work contract, or a one time gig? Deploy it directly on the blockchain in your own smart contract, without anyone else’s control. Manage payments and other actions on it easily through the app.

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