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Simply type in the details - wallet/account addresses (one for each party), pay amount and schedule on in the box. Optionally you can enter the deliverables and other terms too

Wallet addresses

Pay Amount and duration

Textual terms

Gig Pact (alpha)

Put in a short title and description (like a tweet!) of what you are proposing. You can add a github link to the rest of the text



Proposal Pact (alpha)

Benefits of creating a pact

Low Commissions

As low as 0.5%, lowest in the market, where most other platforms levy 20-30%

Faster Payments

Direct payments anywhere in the world, no waiting for payment clearence


Decentralized smart contract is self-executing, eliminates need to trust anyone in the world


An open to use system with no upper limits, no minimum values, no account blocking

Designed for the real world deals

Proposal Pact (alpha)

Start your own free crowdfunding campaign, collect money from your friends, collect votes and opinions on your cause with the proposal pact.

Gig Pact (alpha)

Got a freelance project, a work contract, or a one time gig? Deploy it directly on the blockchain in your own smart contract, without anyone else’s control. Manage payments and other actions on it easily through the app.

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